Warranty conditions

Terms and procedure of delivery and warranty provided by Flagmore

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1. Inspection of goods:
The buyer is obliged to inspect the Product as soon as possible after receipt.
The Buyer must inspect the Product in accordance with the terms and procedure of delivery within seven (7) days of receipt or within seven (7) days of making the Product available to the Buyer.
The Buyer loses the right to rely on a defect in the Product if he has not submitted a written complaint to the company containing a clear description of the defect within ten (10) days of receiving the Product or within ten (10) days of making the Product available to the Buyer.

2. Damage to the product during transport:
If the Product has been damaged during transport, the Buyer must make a note on the transport document (eg CRM) upon receipt of the goods and notify the carrier of the damage.

3. Guarantees:
The warranty is valid from the date of purchase and covers defects in the production and material of the Product. The product has the following warranties:
All flagpole accessories in Flagmore's product range have a two-year warranty.
The mast part of the flagpole has a 10-year warranty.
The mast foot rust guarantee is valid for 2 years.
The company also offers a 2-year warranty on the installation carried out by Flagmore from the date of invoicing.

The warranty covers defects in material and workmanship of the Products sold under the Flagmore brand from the first sale by the company or its agencies.
The receipt must always be accompanied by a purchase receipt or invoice. (Please keep the receipt / invoice).
The warranty does not apply if the defect is caused by careless or improper use of the Product; The product was repaired by any company other than Flagmore; or Accessories not approved by Flagmore are included with the product.

The warranty does not cover damage caused by incorrect installation; non-compliance with installation instructions; normal wear and tear; vandalism; overloading the mast; Use of the product that does not comply with Flagmore's recommendations; or the Buyer's failure to maintain or repair the Product.
The guarantee does not apply in case of force majeure, if the insurance covers damage and in the event of a hurricane (wind speed is
over 32,7m / s).

The procedure for detecting a defect covered by the warranty is as follows:
The warranty is limited to repair / replacement of the Product and does not cover any further damage due to a defect.
The buyer does not have the right to demand compensation or a refund from the warranty.
Flagmore is not liable for consequential damages.

Subject to the terms and conditions of the warranty, Flagmore may decide independently whether:
1. Eliminate the defect within the agreed time and return the repaired Product to the Buyer
2. Deliver a new identical Product to the Buyer to replace the defective Product
3. Return to the Buyer the amount paid for the Product (which is reduced by 20% annually
due to normal wear and tear).

The warranty does not cover damage to the possession or property of the Buyer or third parties.
If it turns out that the warranty does not cover the defect of the Product, the Buyer shall bear the costs of repairing or inspecting the Product.

Warranty inquiries
If you have any questions about the warranty offered by Flagmore, please contact your nearest Flagmore office or Product Sales Office.
Information about the company's offices is available on the company's website at www.Flagmore.com.

4. Damages and limits of liability:
Flagmore's liability for damages is limited to these Terms and Conditions of Delivery. Enterprise
the liability is limited to the price paid by the Buyer for the Product.
Flagmore will not indemnify you for any consequential or incidental damages, whether or not caused by Buyer or any third party
been foreseeable.

5. Force majeure:
Flagmore shall not be liable for non-performance or breach of contract if caused by force majeure.
Force majeure is an exceptional circumstance which occurs after the signing of the contract and which affects the performance of the obligation and which could not be influenced or foreseen by the parties to the contract at the time of concluding the contract and which could not have been prevented or avoided.
Such circumstances may include, for example, wars, riots, foreign exchange restrictions, new ones adopted
laws, official decisions, transport disruptions, natural forces and natural disasters (storms, hailstorms, landslides, thunderstorms, landslides, avalanches and earthquakes). The same shall apply to any other unforeseeable circumstances preventing the performance of the contractual obligations, including delays and deficiencies due to force majeure due to subcontractors.


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