EXPO 2021 Dubai, United Arab Emirates (500 flagpoles)

Thanks to a large order at the Dubai World's Fair, flags in the United Arab Emirates are flying on five hundred glass-plastic flagpoles produced in Flagmore.

In May 2020, the Executive Committee of the Bureau of the World's International Bureau of Exposition (BIE) decided to postpone the World's Fair for one year due to a coronavirus pandemic. The new Expo 2020 Dubai will take place from 1 October 2021 to 31 March 2022. The decision was confirmed by the representatives of the participating countries by electronic vote.

On April 2020, 9, the Council of the EXPO 2020 Dubai Representative Office decided to continue participating in the world exhibition, seeing it as an opportunity for companies to emerge from the economic crisis. Today, more than 40 Estonian companies and organizations have joined the Estonian pavilion.

Estonia will present the story of the digital society at the Dubai EXPO and we will show the world the products and services of innovative and progressive Estonian companies. The visitor experiences our modern living environment where it is good to live, work and do business. Estonia's story at the World's Fair is based on three keywords: digital, smart and sustainable.

The main theme of the World's Fair is well-suited to today's Estonian way of life.
We will show how modern smart solutions can move forward rapidly in development and ensure a functioning society and a sustainable world for future generations.

The United Arab Emirates has invested $ 7 billion in the World's Fair. The World's Fair is a major and long-term investment in the region's economy. According to a study by Ernst & Young, the World Expo will add $ 2031 billion in value to the economy by 33, 50% of which will come from post-EXPO business and trade (data before the virus pandemic).

EXPO 2021 Dubai, United Arab Emirates (500 flagpoles)

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